Shorts Sleeves Gambeson with Straight Bottom:

Discover the ultimate protection with our authentic medieval gambesons, crafted to perfection for historical reenactments and enthusiasts. Step into the world of medieval armor with our high-quality gambesons, designed to provide both comfort and defense. Experience the essence of medieval warfare with our meticulously crafted gambesons, offering superior protection and historical accuracy.


► Material: 100% Cotton Canvas Fabric + Polyester padding + Light cotton lining.
► Main Fabric: 100% Cotton Canvas Fabric.
► Lining: Light Cotton Lining for comfortable feel. Color can be same as main fabric or different depending on availability.
► Padding: Polyester Padding inside.
► Straps: Buffalo Leather.
► Buckle: Steel Buckles for front closing.
► Available Sizes: S to XXL.
Available Colors: Black, Brown, Natural, Red, Blue, Yellow, Olive, Grey, Wine Red and Khaki.

Size Chart is given below:

Gambesons were dominant during the medieval period from the 9th to the 15th century. They were worn by knights, infantry, and even archers. Gambesons were crucial element of medieval military attire.

In modern times, gambesons are still used in historical reenactments, live-action role-playing (LARP), and theatrical productions to recreate the look and feel of medieval armor. They continue to be appreciated for their historical worth and the vital role they played in medieval combat.

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Shorts Sleeves Gambeson with Straight Bottom

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