Linen Gambeson Detachable (13th Cen):

A Living Testament to Medieval Elegance and Functionality Travel through time and connect with the enduring spirit of the Middle Ages with our meticulously crafted 11th to 13th Century Linen Gambeson. This exceptional piece of historical attire effortlessly captures the essence of an era marked by valour, innovation, and time-honoured tradition.

Discover the ultimate protection with our authentic medieval gambesons, crafted to perfection for historical reenactments and enthusiasts. Step into the world of medieval armor with our high-quality gambesons, designed to provide both comfort and defense. Experience the essence of medieval warfare with our meticulously crafted gambesons, offering superior protection and historical accuracy.


► Material: Linen Fabric + Polyester padding + cotton lining.
► Main Fabric: Linen Fabric.
► Lining: Cotton Lining for comfortable feel.
► Padding: Polyester Padding inside.
► Available Sizes: XS to XXL.
Available Color: Natural.

Size Chart is given below:

Historical Significance:

Spanning the transition from the 11th to the 13th century, this gambeson encapsulates a transformative period in medieval history. As the realm of knighthood and chivalry blossomed, so did the evolution of armor. The gambeson, also known as an aketon or arming doublet, became a pivotal component of a knight's armour ensemble during this time. It served as the foundational layer beneath the resilient metal plates, offering vital protection against the piercing blows of swords, arrows, and various other weapons. Our 11th to 13th Century Linen Gambeson pays homage to the craftsmanship, innovation, and functionality of these historical garments.

Design and Craftsmanship:

Our skilled artisans have meticulously recreated this gambeson, adhering to the most authentic techniques and utilizing premium materials. Crafted from high-quality linen, this gambeson ensures not only historical accuracy but also breathability and comfort. Its construction provides essential padding, effectively absorbing the impact of strikes while facilitating ease of movement—a testament to the dedication and artistry of its creators. Beyond its protective qualities, the 11th to 13th Century Linen Gambeson is a versatile addition to your historical wardrobe. Whether you're a knight preparing for battle or a noble attending a royal court, this gambeson will elevate your authenticity and style

Embrace the Medieval Legacy:

Wearing our 11th to 13th Century Linen Gambeson is a journey back in time, an opportunity to walk in the footsteps of medieval knights and embrace their values of honour, courage, and nobility. Whether you're engaged in historical re-enactments, participating in LARP events, or simply seeking a unique addition to your collection, this gambeson is the perfect choice.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Middle Ages and experience the legacy of chivalry with the 11th to 13th Century Linen Gambeson. Do not miss the chance to own a piece of history and make a statement wherever you go. Elevate your medieval experience with authenticity, comfort, and style.

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Linen Gambeson Detachable (13th Cen)

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